Benefits and side effects of Yohimbine hcl

- Dec 23, 2019-

Yohimbine hydrochloride is a natural alkaloid originally extracted from the bark of the Corynathe yohimbe tree from West Africa. Its main function is to treat male sexual dysfunction.

 CHEMICAL STRUCTURE OF yohimbine hydrochloride

◆ Pharmacological effects of impotence

Yohimbine is an alpha adrenergic blocker that selectively blocks presynaptic a in ganglia. Adrenergic receptors, and the central mechanism of narcotic effect and block mouth. On the other hand, because yohimbine can expand peripheral blood vessels and reduce blood pressure, it can also inhibit cholinesterase activity, congest genital blood vessels and enhance spinal reflexes, and reduce Ach destruction, which improves the spinal erection center. The excitability of its peripheral parasympathetic nerves makes it increase the blood flow into the obstructing stem and reduce the amount of excretion, thereby increasing the frequency of erectile penis and erecting time, and enhancing the sexual desire.

 Pharmacotherapy for ED yohimbine alkaloids

◆ Side effect of Yohimbine bark extract for libido

Modern research proves that yohimbine is a non-hormonal drug, suitable for psychotic, neurological, vascular and diabetic impotence. The period of medication is the same. The adverse reactions of this product mainly manifest as central and gastrointestinal symptoms, which are generally tolerable.


Yohimbine hcl powder is not suitable for patients who are taking antidepressants, nor is it suitable for people with kidney disease or gastric ulcers. In addition, taking high doses of yohimbine may cause serious adverse reactions, including loss of muscle function and increased blood pressure. Anxiety, palpitations, dizziness, etc. For some people, taking yohimbine may cause hallucinations. Certain foods such as cheese, animal liver, red wine, etc. should also avoid eating with yohimbine at the same time to avoid raising blood pressure.