What are the benefits of Salvia miltiorrhiza extract?

- Oct 30, 2019-

Salvia miltiorrhiza extract contains components such as tanshinone, cryptotanshinone, isonishenone, salvia miltiorrhiza, salvian acid, vitamin E, etc., thus enhancing myocardial contractility, regulating cardiac function, balancing myocardial oxygen consumption; expanding coronary artery and increasing blood flow; Platelet aggregation, antithrombotic, improve blood rheology; improve liver microcirculation, reduce blood lipids and other effects.

1.1 Anti-ischemic

Danshen's component salvianolic acid B has the function of relaxing blood vessels, which can increase coronary artery formation through multiple pathways, thereby expanding blood vessels, improving blood circulation, and adjusting blood re-distribution in the myocardium.

1.2 Anti-arrhythmia, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption

Tanshinone IIA can reduce the normal myocardial calcium ion level caused by arrhythmia, prevent calcium from exceeding the standard, and then restore or improve the patient's arrhythmia; at the same time, it can reduce left ventricular wall tension and myocardial volume, and reduce myocardial oxygen consumption. .

1.3 Antiplatelets

Danshen polyphenolic acid can stabilize platelet aggregation and adhesion in patients with angina pectoris, improve blood circulation, and avoid thrombosis.

1.4 Anti-hyperlipidemic

Salvianic acid A, a component of Salvia miltiorrhiza, can reduce the level of plasma total homocysteine, which is the main risk factor of hyperlipidemia, and inhibit the increase of blood lipids.

1.5 Anti-free radicals

The water-soluble component of Salvia miltiorrhiza has the effect of scavenging superoxide anion/hydroxyl radical, inhibiting or reducing lipid peroxidation, and preventing heart, cerebrovascular disease, liver disease and kidney disease.

1.6 Anti-atherosclerosis

Tanshinone can block the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein, reduce the activity of lipid metabolism enzymes, and improve the process of lipid metabolism. Danshensu can inhibit cholesterol synthesis, reduce the content of malondione in oxidized lipoprotein, and avoid blood vessel stenosis and tissue ischemia. Causes a blood clot.

1.7 Effects on the digestive system

The water-soluble component of Salvia miltiorrhiza can increase the blood flow and potential difference of gastric mucosa, protect the mucosal barrier intact, enhance the mucosal defense ability, and play a role in resisting gastric ulcer.

1.8 Anti-tumor

Salvia miltiorrhiza Tanshinone IIA can inhibit the growth of lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer and other tumor cell lines; Danshen component can kill and differentiate tumor cells; Danshen component dihydrotanshinone I can poison human liver cancer cells and lung cancer cells.

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