Black seed oil has been shown to improve blood pressure and heart rate levels

- Jun 23, 2020-

According to the latest research by the Israeli company Trinutra, cold-pressed black seed oil hasHeart rate levels have a positive effect.Published in Food Science and Nutrition Research (Food Science &NutritionResearch) This study in the journal pointed out that,Seeds of black seed contain a large amount of thymequinone, which is a main active ingredient and a powerful antioxidant, so the company named its product ThymoQuin3%.This non-randomized human clinical study tested the effects of ThymoQuin 3% and 1.8% free fatty acid levels on blood pressure and heart rate in healthy individuals.

In the United States, almost three-thirds of adults have experienced high blood pressure. In many traditional medical practices around the world, natural products, including black seed oil, have long been considered a treatment.The company said the new research demonstrates how ThymoQuin can significantly improve healthy blood circulation measurements, which is not seen in other more common black seed oil varieties.


The study followed the initial resting blood pressure of 19 volunteers. These initial resting blood pressures were measured for 108 days between systolic blood pressure (SBP) 135-159 and diastolic blood pressure (DBP) 85-99.All subjects took 500 mg of ThymoQuin 3% for the first 42 days, which contained 15 mg of thymequinone, followed by a three-week washout period, and then a six-week placebo until the 108th day of the study.

The results showed that during the 6-week treatment period, the subjects' SBP and DBP decreased by 11.2% and 12.2%, respectively.

It is reported that not long ago TriNutra obtained ThymoQuin 3% GRAS certification. After providing the necessary scientific evidence to confirm this important FDA determination, an independent team announced that the oil is safe for use in food, beverages, and dietary supplements. TriNutra confirms that its goal is to continue to develop a lasting relationship with a wider range of customers who are looking for raw materials such as ThymoQuin aimed at improving new and existing product formulations.