What is black tea extract theaflavins and its applications?

- Nov 09, 2019-

◆ Theaflavins are the main components in black tea. They are a kind of phenolic ketone derivatives which are formed by oxidation of polyphenols. They are C2-C4, C2-C6 bonds and 2 The phenylhydrazine dihydropyran ring is linked, and the free rotation of the single bond is affected by steric hindrance to form a specific spatial conformation, thereby producing specific physiological activity. Types of Theaflavins have 12 components, including theaflavins (TF), theaflavin-3-gallate (TF-3-G), theaflavin-3,3'-bisgallate (TFDG). And theaflavin-3'-gallate (TF-3'-G) is the four most important theaflavins, which are the products of tea fermentation.

Theaflavin chemical structurer

◆ Although the proportion of theaflavins in black tea is relatively small, it accounts for about 2% of the dry weight, but plays an important role in the soup color and taste of black tea. Theaflavins, which are known as "soft gold" in tea, have the unique function of lowering blood fat. Theaflavins can not only combine with the cholesterol in the intestines to reduce the absorption of cholesterol in food, but also inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol in the body.

◆ Theaflavin plays a certain role in the bright color and strong taste of the tea soup, and is an important quality indicator of black tea. After clinical trials, it has been verified that theaflavins have the effect of regulating blood lipids and preventing cardiovascular diseases, and have no toxic side effects. This research report has been published in the international authoritative medical journal JAMA. However, the efficacy of theaflavins is not only the ability to lower blood fat, but also has a great effect in removing fatty liver, alcoholic liver, and cirrhosis.

◆ The functions of good medical care, food processing, etc. of theaflavins are even better than catechins, and can be widely used in tea beverages, functional beverages, food additives, health foods, cosmetics, etc. .

Black tea extract theaflavins 40.0%hplc

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