Quercetin Dihydrate with its anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-itch benefits

- Oct 22, 2019-

◆ Dihydroquercetin is present as an important flavonoid in a variety of plants and is high in larch, especially in Douglas fir. In recent years, the presence of dihydroquercetin has also been found in fruits, particularly in grapes, oranges and grapefruit. The study found that dihydroquercetin has anti-tumor, anti-oxidation, anti-radiation, anti-viral, anti-cardiovascular diseases and improve capillary microcirculation, improve brain blood circulation, anti-platelet aggregation, etc., and has been used for treatment. Cerebral infarction and its sequelae, cerebral thrombosis, coronary artery and other diseases.

◆ Sophorae Japonica extract Quercetin Dihydrate is a flavonoid compound widely distributed in the plant kingdom. Its chemical activity has the functions of removing free radicals from the skin, promoting skin metabolism, reducing pigmentation and moisturizing the skin. Cosmetics containing plant flavonoids with anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, whitening or skin regenerative effects are becoming more and more popular. At present, many plant flavonoid extracts such as ginkgo extract and bamboo leaf extract have been industrialized. , licorice flavonoids, soy isoflavones, etc.

◆ Xylene-induced ear swelling in mice is a routine acute inflammation model. The use of xylene to stimulate the auricle of mice can cause acute inflammation of the ear auricle congestion and edema in a short period of time. The experimental results show that dihydroquercetin has a significant inhibitory effect on the degree of swelling of the mouse ear caused by xylene. This may be related to the flavonoids that regulate the gene expression of proteins associated with inflammation and inhibit the activity of enzymes involved in inflammation.

◆ Studies have confirmed that dihydroquercetin skin coating can significantly inhibit xylene-induced mouse ear swelling, can significantly inhibit 2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene (DNCB)-induced mouse DTH; Decreased the number of steroids induced by 4-AP in mice, suggesting that dihydroquercetin has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-itch effects.

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