Reviews of berberine hcl extract on benefits like diabetes and cancers

- Nov 11, 2019-

Berberine is an alkaloid extracted from plants such as Rhizoma Coptidis and Phellodendron bark. It is also known as berberine hydrochloride powder. Molecular formula structure of berberine is C20H18ClNO4, which is an isoquinoline alkaloid.With multiple bioavailability of berberine, its benefits like anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, anti-microbial, anti-aging, anti-cancer and other biological functions, widely used in human clinical and animal production.


1 Effect on the cardiovascular system

1. 1 The protective effect of berberine-regulated protein kinase on myocardial protection

Berberine hcl can be achieved by up-regulating the concentration of protein kinase in ischemic myocardium.


1.  2 Berberine anti-platelet protection vascular

Resarch result showed it can inhibit accumulation of platelets reduces blood viscosity, inhibits thrombosis, and prevents cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


1. 3 Regulates nitric oxide and nitric oxide synthase to improve blood pressure.


1. 4 Berberine regulates calcium ions to protect myocardium

Berberine natural acts to protect cardiomyocytes by reducing the number of alpha adrenergic receptors on the myocardial cell membrane, thereby inhibiting calcium influx and blocking apoptosis.


2 Efects on the nervous system

Phellodendron bark extract berberine may control the degradation of Aβ by controlling the gene expression of insulin degrading enzyme protein, thereby treating Alzheimer's disease. Berberine can reduce the concentration of norepinephrine in serum and improve the symptoms of sympathetic cervical spondylosis. Berberine has a calming and analgesic effect. Large doses of berberine can reduce the degree of excitability of the cerebral cortex and play an anxiolytic role.


3 Prevention and treatment of hyperglycemia and diabetes

3. 1 Lowers blood sugar for diabetes

Dysfunction of islet B cells is an important cause of diabetes, and berberine can repair islet B cells to some extent.


4 Antioxidation and mechanism

The anti-oxidation effect of berberine safe dosage  is achieved by reducing the production of reactive oxygen species, enhancing the activity of antioxidant enzymes, scavenging oxygen free radicals, and alleviating lipid peroxidation.


5 Anti-inflammation results of Berberine herb

Berberine extract powder has obvious anti-inflammatory effects, and its anti-inflammatory mechanism involves many aspects, mainly by inhibiting the production of inflammatory factors and the activity of inflammatory factors to achieve anti-inflammatory effects.


6 Antibacterial effects

As a broad-spectrum antibiotic with obvious antibacterial or kills bacteria activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, but berberine has a better effect on Gram-positive bacteria and poorer against Gram-negative bacteria. It has little effect on Shigella dysenteriae, paratyphoid bacillus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.


7 Anticancer effects and mechanisms

Berberine inhibits cancer cell metastasis, inhibits adhesion between cancer cells and cancer cells and extracellular matrix, inhibits cancer cell proliferation, promotes cancer cell apoptosis, and blocks cancer cell cycle.


8 The role and mechanism of the liver

8. 1 Clinical result of berberine to lower cholesterol have found that berberine can significantly reduce blood total cholesterol and triglyceride levels, with definite curative effect and few adverse reactions.


8. 2 Effect of berberine on low density lipoprotein receptor

Berberine can up-regulate the expression of low-density lipoprotein receptor mRNA in cells.


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