Tongkat Ali's new mechanism for sexual health promotion

- Aug 12, 2020-

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma. longi folia) is a sex enhancer, which used to focus on its ability to increase testosterone and sperm count. But now, new research shows that it can also interact with enzymes to promote normal erectile function.

An in vitro chromatographic study conducted in 2019 revealed the important mechanism behind LJ100, which is a Tongkat Ali supplement brand produced by HP Ingredients. The researchers found that the extract can successfully inhibit up to 81% of kinase II (ROCK-II) activity. The traditional use of Tongkat Ali as a male sexual dysfunction may be partly due to ROCK-II's inhibitory potential.


Research on LJ100 has found other mechanisms of action that can explain its other health effects. The company’s 15 clinical trials on LJ100 showed that Tongkat Ali can also increase sexual satisfaction by increasing dopamine, and by inhibiting phosphodiesterase.5 (PDE-5), arginase and angiotensin I converting enzyme (ACE) to improve vasodilation.

Human clinical studies also support that LJ100 reduces reactive oxygen species, thereby increasing the nitric oxide cGMP signaling pathway to maintain more difficult erections, and increasing a pheromone, thereby improving libido, sexual communication and sexual behavior. The men’s health aging industry has been Vigorously promote testosterone substitutes, the positioning of LJ100 is different, on the contrary, it advocates awakening the dormant ketone production system and endogenously released free testosterone.