What are the use of gallic acid in livestock production as feed additive?

- Oct 16, 2019-

Gallic acid can be used as a feed additive in the European Union. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) comprehensively evaluates the safety and effectiveness of the addition of gallic acid in livestock and poultry diets, and gives its additive in livestock and poultry diets 25 Mg / kg or less.


3.1 Growth promotion

Adding an appropriate amount of gallic acid to broiler and piglet diets can promote animal growth and increase feed conversion. Studies have shown that the addition of 5 g / kg of gallic acid to the diet can improve the feed conversion rate of broilers (1 to 35 days old).


3.2 Antioxidant effect

The addition of gallic acid to the diet can improve the body's antioxidant capacity, remove excess reactive oxygen species produced in the body, and maintain the balance of the body's redox system. Studies have confirmed that the addition of 75 ~ 100 mg / kg of gallic acid in the diet can improve the plasma antioxidant capacity of broilers.


3.3 Improve intestinal health

Dietary gallic acid can improve the intestinal morphology of animals and regulate microbial diversity, thereby regulating the intestinal absorption function and health of animals. Adding 5 g / kg gallic acid to broiler basal diet can significantly increase total short-chain fatty acids and acetic acid in vivo. Concentration and improvement of fermentation of broiler cecal contents.


3.4 Reducing methane emissions

Adding a certain amount of gallic acid to the diet can reduce the emission of nitrous oxide in the rumen methane and manure of ruminants. On the one hand, it can improve the utilization efficiency of feed energy by ruminants, and on the other hand, reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and improve the ecological environment. It plays an important role in ruminant production and environmental protection. In addition, gallic acid has a combination of feed protein to prevent microbial degradation of protein.

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