What are the pharmacological effects and benefits of lutein?

- Jan 10, 2020-

Lutein is the main component of many plant pigments. Marigold flower extract Lutein belongs to carotenoids. It mainly exists in green plants such as bananas, potatoes, chrysanthemums and plays an important role in plant photosynthesis. Lutein is also the main pigment that forms the macular region of the human eye's retina, and has a positive effect on maintaining eye health and protecting vision. A large number of studies have shown that lutein also has antioxidant, scavenging free radical, anti-cancer, and anti-tumor effects.

marigold flower extract lutein bulk powder and zeaxanthin

1. Anti-oxidation

Lutein, as an antioxidant, has multiple conjugated double bonds in its molecular structure. It reduces oxygen free radicals through reduction. The stronger its reducing ability, the stronger its oxidation resistance. At the same time, lutein can quench singlet oxygen, protect lipids from attack by singlet oxygen, reduce the production of lipid peroxides (LOP), thereby inhibiting the activity of ROS and preventing the damage of ROS to normal cells.

2. Promote oxidation

Most of the substances with anti-oxidant properties will exhibit the characteristics of anti-oxidation to promote oxidation when the concentration or physiological conditions are changed. Lutein is also present promote oxidation. On the one hand, it can show antioxidant effects by quenching single-line oxygen, capturing ABTS free radicals and DPPH free radicals; on the other hand, lutein has the ability to promote oxidation in a certain concentration range. At the same time, high concentrations of lutein can cause damage to nuclear DNA.

Lutein and zeaxanthin for eye protection

3. Enhance the body's immunity

In the body tissues and organs, lutein can promote the antibody response of spleen function to T cell antigen, and enhance humoral immune function. Studies have found that lutein can play an active preventive and protective role in mycotoxin-induced apoptosis such as fusarium alcohol (DON).

4. Anti-aging

Lutein reduces the lipid peroxidation reaction by destroying the free radical chain, effectively inhibits lipid oxidation, and reduces the aging damage of cells and organs caused by free radicals.