What are the synthetic methods of propyl gallate?

- Dec 06, 2019-

Propyl gallate can effectively prevent the oxidation of fats and oils, and plays a great role in food antioxidant technology. It is one of the excellent antioxidants. The following is a synthesis method focusing on propyl gallate.

 Chemical structure Propyl Gallate CAS 121-79-9

1. Synthesis method of propyl gallate

1.1 Preparation of propyl gallate

The gallic acid in natural plants contains gallic acid, and the gallic acid and propyl gallate are obtained by leaching gallic acid to obtain an extract.

 synthetic methods  of proply gallate with tannic acid

1.2 Catalytic Synthesis of Propyl Gallate with Chitosan Sulfate

Using chitosan sulfate as a catalyst, propyl gallate (PG) was synthesized by direct esterification of gallic acid with n-propanol.


1.3 Synthesis of Propyl Gallate Catalyzed by Sodium Bisulfate

Synthesis of propyl gallate with sodium bisulfate as catalyst and gallic acid and n-propanol as raw materials.


1.4 Microwave-assisted synthesis of propyl gallate

Using gallic acid and n-propanol as raw materials and sodium bisulfate as a catalyst, propyl gallate was successfully synthesized by microwave irradiation.