What is the benefit of rutin on digestive inflammatory diseases?

- Oct 25, 2019-

◆Sophorae Japonica extract Rutin powder is a flavonol substance with a variety of biological activities including anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, protection of blood vessels, heart and nerves. More and more studies have found that rutin can play a protective role in inflammatory diseases of the digestive system through anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation effects. Digestive system inflammatory diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis and liver damage are clinically common diseases.

◆ Flavonol is a kind of flavonoid compound. The flavonoid belongs to the family of naturally occurring polyphenolic compounds. The basic chemical structure is C6-C3-C6. It is mainly formed in metabolites of secondary plants with extensive functional functions in plants. It is abundant in fruits, beverages, vegetables, dried beans and grains, and has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-proliferative, anti-cancer, anti-ultraviolet rays. Radiation and other effects. Rutin (3,3',4',5,7-pentahydroxyflavone-3-rhamnoside) is a flavonol that is abundantly present in plants such as buckwheat, onions, tea, and apples. In 1842, rutin was first isolated from plant musk, and is also known as rutin, quercetin-3-rutinoside, glucoside, vitamin P, and the like. Chemically, rutin is a glycoside composed of flavonoid aglycone quercetin and disaccharide rutose. Rutin has a variety of pharmacological activities, including anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-diabetic, anti-obesity, anti-cancer, cell protection, vascular protection, neuroprotection and cardioprotective activities. In addition, rutin has a significant regulatory role in the inflammatory process of digestive diseases.

◆ In the digestive system inflammatory disease, rutin inhibits the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines by regulating various signaling pathways, thereby exerting anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to anti-inflammatory activity, rutin also exists or merges with antioxidant and cytoprotective effects. Rutin also has the advantages of wide availability, simple preparation, low price and less adverse reactions. Rutin can also be used as a functional food to improve health and reduce the risk of disease.

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