Whitening and moisturizing-aloe vera gel freeze dried powder

- Mar 25, 2020-

Aloe vera gel freeze dried powder has extremely high moisturizing effect, and its super penetration force can help skin capture oxygen and lock skin moisture. Aloe gel freeze powder is extracted from aloe using modern high-tech separation methods, which can be quickly absorbed by the body and has good moisturizing, softening and smoothing effects. It is the essence of aloe skincare, which can promote the synthesis of collagen, and has the functions of lightening spots, whitening and moisturizing the skin. Ilexin can promote the contraction of intestinal muscles, accelerate intestinal peristalsis, detoxify and maintain beauty, and leave skin white and flawless.

Aloe vera gel freeze dried powder bulk

The nutritionist said that morning and evening, apply aloe vera gel to the face for 15-20 minutes. Persistence can make the facial skin smooth and fair, and it has a good effect on eliminating various spots. You can also take Jianbailing Grape Seed Aloe Soft Capsules for anti-oxidation, not afraid of computers and ultraviolet rays. This product uses grape seed extract as the main ingredient, its OPC content is as high as 95%, and uniquely added aloe gel, vitamin C and vitamin E. Can reduce melanin deposits, whiten skin, and delay aging; it also helps collagen repair, keeping skin soft and elastic.

aloe  vera gel powder freeze dried

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