EFSA comment on the safety and efficacy of dried grape extract as a feed flavoring substance

- Jun 15, 2016-

According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), at the request of the European Commission, the EU Food Safety Agency Animal Feed Experts Group (FEEDAP) commented on the safety and efficacy of dried grape extracts as feed flavoring substances.

The EU expert group studied the seeds and skin of a wine grape vinifera. Currently, the European Union approves food-based flavoring substances such as grape extracts for food use and does not require special permission.

The EU expert group believes that raisin extracts are safe for all animals (except dogs) at an added limit of 100 mg/kg. The safe dietary concentration of the dog cannot be obtained.

After the maximum amount is used for the feed, the raisin extract does not pose a threat to the health of the consumer.

The raisin extract tested this time is irritating to the skin and eyes. However, due to incomplete data, the irritating effects of additives containing raisin extract on the skin and respiratory system cannot be concluded.

The EU Food Safety Authority also believes that the use of raisin extracts in accordance with the maximum amount does not pose a threat to the environment. Since the anthocyanin-rich grape seed extract, which is the main component of the additive, is considered to be a food flavoring substance, its function in the feed is similar, so it is not necessary to evaluate its performance.