Forecast of the current situation and development trend of China's plant extract industry in 2018

- Aug 15, 2018-

There are many kinds of plant extracts, and there are more than 300 kinds of industrial extracts. There are various classification methods. According to the content of active ingredients, it can be divided into three types: effective monomer extract, standard extract and ratio extract; according to the composition, it is divided into bismuth, acid, polyphenol, polysaccharide, steroid, flavonoid and biological. Alkali, etc.


The plant extract industry undertakes the agricultural planting industry and undertakes the big health industry downwards, playing an important role in the big health industry chain. Among them, food and beverage in the plant extract industry accounted for the largest proportion, more than 60%. Plant extracts vary from country to country. In the United States, the main market in the United States, plant extracts are mainly used as dietary supplements; in Europe, Germany and France are the main products, and plant extracts are used in health products, cosmetics and plant medicines; In Japan and South Korea, plant extracts have been developed based on Kampo and Korean medicine.


The export of plant extracts in China has maintained a rapid growth trend, from nearly 300 million US dollars in 2005 to 2.16 billion US dollars in 2015. Since 2010, the compound growth rate has exceeded 20%. The proportion of plant extract exports to China's exports of traditional Chinese medicine products also increased with the rapid growth of exports, from about 35% in 2005 to 57% in 2015.


In terms of products, there are many kinds of plant extracts exported from China, and the proportion of single varieties is relatively low. The largest export product, Stevia extract, is only about 7%. According to the market analysis in 2014, the top ten plant extracts in export are stevia extract, eucalyptus oil, licorice extract, capsicum extract, cranberry extract, laurel oil, marigold extract lutein or zeaxanthin, inositol, rutin And its derivatives, Luo Han Guo extract.


In general, the development time of plant extracts in China is not long, the entry threshold is relatively low, and there are many enterprises in operation, and the competition is fierce.