Plant based functional beverages such as green tea extract theanine drinks, bring new opportunities to the planting industry

- Sep 22, 2016-

With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for health is reflected in all aspects of life. For food and beverage, it is no longer just to ask for delicious fruit and thirst, but to have nutrition and function. In the beverage industry, plant functional beverages made from natural herbs, such as the green tea extract theanine, are increasingly popular.


At present, the raw materials of plant functional beverages in China are mainly concentrated on several well-known plant components, such as ginseng extract, honeysuckle extract, chrysanthemum extract, and medlar extract. Other plant extracts that are not widely used in the beverage industry are:

◆ Enhance immunity: Ganoderma lucidum extract

Ganoderma lucidum contains polysaccharides and other medicinal ingredients, which have the functions of enhancing immunity against cancer and strengthening liver function, and are very suitable for long-term use of adults to improve physical fitness.

◆ Stimulate the appetite and help digestion: Seabuckthorn Extract

This is a small berry plant growing in the western part of China. It is the precious economic forest tree species with the most natural vitamins in the world. Its vitamin C content is much higher than that of fresh dates and kiwifruit, which is known as a treasure trove of natural vitamins.

◆ Blood pressure lowering lipid: bitter gourd extract

Bitter gourd is a very common healthy vegetable. The bitter gourd extract has good blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipid effects. It is called plant insulin.

◆ Improve sleep: Hemp extract

Hemp seed is the seed of the marijuana plant, which has the effect of moistening and drying the intestine and promoting blood circulation.


With the development of social economy, the domestic and international plant functional beverage market will have greater consumer demand and consumption space.