Core philosophy: people-oriented, professional dedication

We respect the basic law of human nature and the objective law of development to optimize Yougu Biotech culture of enterprise management, unite the staff as one, encourage all employees to forge ahead strenuously and overcome difficulties so as to create a new glorious journey.


The company has always been retaining the characteristics of "unity and down-to-earth spirit, efficiency and innovation, professional dedication" to steel ourselves. We give full play to the work advantages of the staff at all levels to achieve mutual benefit of society, enterprise and individual and to make the company enjoy extraordinary, leap-type development.


And under the employment philosophy of "use the capable ones, replace the average ones, dismiss the incapable ones," everyone would, on the growth platform that Yougu Biotech established, exert their talents in full swing, achieve success and fulfill their dreams.


All staff in Yougu Biotech join hands with responsibility, credibility marching forward to face the challenges of tomorrow which are on the shoulders of both you and I.


Mission: Prime Nature, wholesome valley


A valley extracts the essence of nature which is the most precise positioning in Yougu Biotech. As high-tech enterprise,on the basis of adhering to respect, understanding and meet customer needs, with a means of technology and innovation and purpose to optimize healthy life, Yougu Biotech abides by the principle of product quality strictly, extracts natural essence of the original material, and continue to create products added value to give priority to health and walk nature side by side.


Extracting essence from nature and serving to everyone are original intention and also the eternal responsibility of Yougu Biotech. By using technology to change quality of life and restore the nature of life, Yougu Biotech,not only creates a magnificent and healthy future for mankind, but also makes a superior life-style for society. Meeting the infinite possibilities of healthy life starts from Yougu Biotech.


Vision: to create a bridge between healthy life and nature

Persisting in development principle that natural essence creates a healthy life, adhering to the sustainable development path of life health, with responsible, progressive and caring heart, the spirit of "three hearts", we strive to accomplish the goal of "industry benchmark" to build a green channel of harmonious development for human beings and nature.