L-Arginine HCl (food grade, medicine grade)

L-Arginine HCl (food grade, medicine grade)

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•Product name: L-Arginine Hydrochloride
•Also known as: L-Arginine HCl; AI3-18300; Arginine, (L); Argamine; Arginine hydrochloride
•CAS No.: 15595-35-4
•Molecular Formula:C6H15ClN4O2
•Certifications: ISO, HACCP, CQC, KOSHER
•Specification: 99% USP39
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Product Details

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Product Instruction

◆ L-Arginine HCl CAS 1119-34-2 is a white crystalline powder, odorless, bitter, easily soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is acidic. It is very slightly soluble in alcohol and insoluble in ether. Used in medicine to help wound healing, stimulate the development of the immune system, enhance hormone secretion, promote urine circulation, reduce the ammonia content in the blood, and treat blood ammonia poisoning.

Specification of L-Arginine HCl CAS 1119-34-2 99% USP39 





White crystalline powder





Molecular weight




A, B, C, D, E




Chromatographic purity

Individual impurities≤0.5%


Total impurities≤2.0%


State of solution

Clear, colorless solution



+21.4°/ to +23.6°

8% in HCL

Loss on drying



Residue on ignition









Sulfate (as SO4)









Heavy metals (as Pb)



Other amino acids



Non animal





Product benefits

◆ L-Arginine HCl CAS 1119-34-2 is an amino acid drug. After taking it, it can participate in the ornithine cycle and promote the conversion of blood ammonia into non-toxic urea through the ornithine cycle, thereby reducing blood ammonia. However, if liver function is poor, the enzyme activity of urea formation in the liver decreases, so arginine's lowering blood ammonia effect is not ideal. It is suitable for patients with liver coma who are not suitable for sodium ion input.

Product application

◆ L-arginine hydrochloride has a good therapeutic effect on acute viral hepatitis, chronic persistent hepatitis and cirrhosis, and can prevent and treat fatty liver disease and play an effective liver protection role.

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